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Zoë Dearborn is a rock-n-roll poet, expressive arts healer, improvisor, heart & soul revivalist, integrative philosopher, champion for the inside arts, student & teacher of the Self, child of the 70’s and mom in the process of reinventing motherhood. 

Zoë Dearborn is a multicreative artist, writer & performer, expressive arts therapist, creativity teacher & art coach. She is always creating and developing her multifaceted approach to living life as art to help people discover their soul’s code and to create an authentic life of meaning that flows from deep, compassionate and creative inner work.

Zoë's mission:

  • to help blocked artists rediscover their creativity and express their authentic voices
  • to help humans awaken to wholeness by bringing the expressive arts to as many people as she can

Zoë believes:

1) The secret to tapping into the limitless power of human potential is the integrative process of becoming all your selves.

2) The way to access all yourselves is through the expressive arts.

3) We need to reweave the arts back into the fabric of our daily lives so that we can uplift our culture from its current state of fear, isolation, shame, apathy, and scarcity towards one of love, connection, acceptance, creativity and abundance.


Zoë holds an MA in Counseling Psychology, with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA in Studio Art and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College. Zoë coaches creative people of all types, has a private counseling practice and has taught filmmaking, guitar, voice, drama, art and creative writing to children, teens and adults. She has 5 years of professional training & experience as an actor and improvisor, was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for all NYC all woman rock band, Social Service, and started blogging in 2012, with ZOELAB 365, when she committed to a year of breathless, daily multimedia blogging as away to lift herself out of postpartum depression. She continues to blog, sharing her philosophy, the creative process, motherhood and off-the grid living. Her blog posts will soon be available on other media websites.

Brooklyn born and bred, Zoë and her California redwoods born husband have transplanted to a stunning piece of raw desert in the foothills of the Sierra de Laguna Mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on the Southern Baja peninsula of Mexico, where they are pioneering both a homestead & careers that suit and engage their idiosyncrasies, while raising their wild & kind-hearted Mexican-born son. Eschewing the needs for comfort, ease and certainty, in order to embrace a do-it-yourself life in the desert, with lots of tools (digital & analogue), inspiration and bugs. They are continuously in the process of building & growing a life from scratch, that is free & messy, slow & simple and yet, complex.

Zoë's greatest loves, besides friends & family, people in general, especially children & even certain dogs, include: passionate & clever indie rock, dance of all varieties, comedy, improvisation, social practice art, fashion & graphic design, true deep stories, sad songs, mythology & Jungian psychology, children’s books, Fisher Price toys, tarot, embracing duality, inspiring documentaries, the open sky, wildflowers, hugs, creative collaborations and elegant theories that connect everything in the universe.

This website is a testament to the love & creativity, truth & beauty that continuously flows out when we are present and engaged with everyday life, when we are listening both to our inner world of intuition & heart, as well open to the feedback that our environment provides. It is also a record of the creative byproducts of life fully lived. It emphasizes process over perfection. Compassion over judgment. And love over fear. It is a celebration of nature & culture, and their fascinating exchange. It is a form of integration of Zoë's many selves, including especially, the more vulnerable shadow—giving space for expression of both darkness and light, the deepest longings and breakings of the heart.

Currently, Zoë is writing a book of personal essays, recording two albums worth of original songs and developing an improv-based sitcom about therapy. She just released her first single as a one-woman rock band, Rock-n-Roll Thing, for which she learned to play the drums, keyboard synth in addition to guitar. The music video is now in post-production. On December 3rd she gave her first talk How to Be Yourself by Loving All Your Selves, A Personal Journey through the Expressive Arts, which included storytelling, singing and meditation at the first Women Awakening, an international and bilingual women’s summit in Todos Santos, Mexico. On November 1st she and her husband opened Luz Gallery, a photography and graphics gallery in downtown Todos Santos.

Through her project ART FOR LIFE, Zoë teaches two ongoing therapeutic classes in Todos Santos, that she in the process of making available online: Art Journal Lab and Dance Lab. She has recently fallen in love with instagram, where she shares creative inspiration of all varieties, and is committed to sharing all of her selves.

Zoë loves working, teaching and collaborating with people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages, sexualities, ethnicities and identities, who are looking to discover their inner purpose, heal their past and rewrite their future according to the person they were meant to be in this world.


It is never too late to be yourself.

Be All Your Selves.

She would love to hear your story.

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